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harlow's boudior

shout out to my little gem of a friend...jess.
keep on keepin on, woman.

check out her shiz here.


urban turban

 a fashion trend started by such a stud?

different sizes, different colors and different shapes...there is a turban out there for every occasion.  let's review.

an MKA turban.  the best kind of turban. 
conservative dinner time turban.
dancing turban.
the token "Carrie Bradshaw" turban.
fancy turbans.
the turban that is now mine. (thanks to ladybird/mike gonzalez)
even a man turban!

maxi time


love a chilly-weather maxi.

photos: elle


bikes on a wall

this bicycle shop in Germany wins for most creative advertising.  hanging it's merchandise on the building...who woulda thought.
{this post is for brother bear}

photo: unstiched



wishing I could have basked in the sun, listened to great music and sported lovely outfits like the above this past weekend, instead I enjoyed the rain...and no music.  I adore the urban/comfy looks of music festivals.

photos: elleharpers bazaarny mag


rachel gilbert

okay, I know it's still early spring, but the looks for rachel gilbert's a/w 11 lookbook already have me longing for fall.



polka dotted pants looking easy and adorable.

photo: knight cat