happy memorial day

wishing everyone a lovely holiday weekend and hoping you are all enjoying the things you love today.  

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savage beauty

this week I had the chance to visit the alexander mcqueen: savage beauty installation at The Met.  I figured it'd be a few dresses sitting on mannequins with a few descriptions.  wrong, very wrong.  the exhibition was amazing...inspiring, intriguing and a true work of art.  everything from the music playing in the background, to the different ambiances and lighting in the many rooms, to the various films, holograms and HEADPIECES!  the headpieces (created by philip treacy) and accessories displayed throughout were beyond genius.

this exhibit was truly one of the most amazing and intriguing exhibits I have ever seen, not just because of the fashion, but because of the true art that came from mcqueen.  I highly highly recommend going if possible.

photos: style.com